Clients & Testimonials

As a parent of a child who is Deaf and as the Interim Board Chair of Ontario Hands & Voices, a parent driven, non-profit organization dedicated to providing unbiased support to families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, I view the ASL RAPP project as a wonderful resource to parents and children.

Our daughter and I attended the ASL RAPP pilot project. I found it to be valuable in many ways: the development of the children’s literacy skills in both English and American Sign Language (ASL), an opportunity to socialize and network with other parents and children, the chance to create and expand on what we’ve read and learned via crafts & games at each session, the opportunity to review via take-home materials and activities, and so on.

The ASL RAPP project is highly beneficial to our community as it contributes to family literacy, supporting school readiness for the child and language/literacy development for the family as a whole. It also serves to enhance the parent-child relationship, something parents of children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing especially long for as often communication is a challenge.

Belinda Lanning

dds-support-letter-06-18-2015trilliumDeaf-Durham services is a non-profit organization that offers services and educational programs to promote self-reliance within the Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing community. Our aim is to promote integration of the two communities- Deaf and hearing, and to prevent feelings of separation and isolation. I feel that the ASL RAPP program would be a benefit to the families involved with our Family Communication Program and would be a great resource to use.

Yvonne Brown

Executive Director, Deaf Durham Services

ALSO is a very important program for adult learners interested in upgrading their skills in a variety of areas. In addition to one-to-one teaching, e-learning and workshops, ALSO provides family literacy support. We at the Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf fully support ALSO’s ASL RAPP program. We are confident that this program will complement the services we offer and would be very interested in purchasing the ASL RAPP packs, participation in their information sessions, and providing information to our families on membership on the web portal.

Cathy McKibbin

Director of Educational Services, The Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf

silent_voiceThere is a critical shortage of resources in ASL for families that wish to develop their ASL skills and improve communication and engagement in their homes. The ASL RAPP project showcases renowned Deaf ASL storytellers and introduces families to Deaf adults, ASL, ASL literature and child/parent activities. We are excited about ALSO upscaling the ASL RAPP project and reaching out to families and programs across Ontario, and we congratulate the Ontario Trillium Foundation for its support of (this) project.

Kelly MacKenzie

Executive Director, Silent Voice Canada Inc.

I have been encouraging several of the families I work with to attend the ASL RAPP sessions at ALSO. Over this past year, I have also had the pleasure of participating in many of the RAPP sessions. During the ASL storytelling, I have observed parents learning new ASL signs and becoming more confident in signing stories to their children. The parents have been able to use the RAPP packs to practise signing the stories at home, using the DVDs for reference. They have also been able to use the crafts and (tip sheets) to extend the literacy experiences through creative activities with their children. So far the RAPP sessions have been accessible to mainly families in the Ottawa area, but there are deaf and hard of hearing children and their families throughout Ontario who would benefit from having access to this wonderful literacy resource. It is exciting that ALSO is able to upscale the ASL RAPP project thus reaching these families. I will definitely be recommending the ASL packs and web portal to my colleagues in the Provincial Schools Branch.

Janet Naismith

Preschool Home Visiting Teacher, Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf

We are the parents of a hard of hearing 6 year old girl who relies on American Sign Language to communicate….We are very pleased to express our strong support for the ASL RAPP program – an invaluable resource for those with deaf and hard of hearing children. The RAPP program provides structured ASL learning and guidance from ASL experts. This combined with the high quality (tip sheets), provides an excellent opportunity to connect with our daughter through her mother tongue and allows us to enhance our ASL skills on an ongoing basis. This ultimately creates opportunities to us to learn how to better understand and communicate with our child.

Erin and Derek Meester

I have a 4 year old deaf granddaughter and 7 hearing grandchildren. The RAPP program has helped me become more comfortable signing and has given me a fun way to share a reading experience that includes both deaf and hearing grandchildren. This program is giving me more confidence as I am still a novice signer. I love this program and my grandchildren all enjoy the stories and learning experience.

Dawn Adams