– Franklin in the Dark

– Franklin in the Dark


Each ASL RAPP pack contains the following items:

  • Book
  • ASL DVD (ASL storyteller telling the story and 10-20 key vocabulary words from the story shown at normal speed and reduced speed)
  • Tip Sheet for parents and Craft Instructions which we encourage parents to photocopy prior to use
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Franklin, a young turtle, is afraid of the dark, so he drags his small, dark shell behind him. One day, he sets off to look for help. On his quest he encounters a variety of animals, each with its own fear. He meets a duck, afraid of very deep water, who wears water wings. He comes across a bird, scared of flying high, who finds a parachute useful. After meeting these and other creatures, Franklin returns home determined to figure out a way to deal with his own fear. His solution provides a humorous ending to the story, which leaves young and old with a warm chuckle.

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ASL Storyteller

Simone Edwards-Forde was born in St. Kitts. She moved to Montreal with her adoptive family when she was three years old. Simone graduated from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York. She teaches Deaf adults in the ALSO Deaf Adult Upgrading Program. Simone likes taking classes to learn new things like cake decorating. In her free time, she enjoys photography, camping, travelling and computer games.


Book, DVD and Activities Pack, DVD and Activities Pack